Terms and Conditions

These terms and condition - which are being changed and updated freequently - are valid for all our services, which are provided online, through any mobile device, email or by phone. By accessing, using browsing and even booking of a field on our website, you accept and you confirm that you understand these terms (and the privacy policy statement below).

Our services objective

Through this website, we provide an online platform through which any type of field (5x5, 7x7, 8x8, 9x9, 11x11) can advertise their scheduled times for booking and through it any user can book any of these fields for any type.
By booking a field through Futsalbooking.com, you also create a contract commitment with the field provider.
After your booking, we act as a third party, and we transfer your details to the owner/manager via confirmation e-mail and sms.
Through our services, the information we provide for the futsal fields are given by the field owners.
For this reason, futsal field owners/managers have access to the system so they can be able to update prices, fields scheduled times and other information regarding the fields, which appear on our website.
Although we put too much effort to provide accurate and better services, we can't confirm or be sure tha all information provided are fully updated and correct, and we can't be held responsible for mistakes (for obvious or typographic mistakes), for interferance with (temporary or permanent) discontinued services, maintenance, updates or support of the website or other causes, for inaccurate, fake or misleading information, or for the providance of information.
Every owner/manager has the responsibility for the accuracy of the (descriptions) informations (including scheduled times and prices available) which are appeared on our website.
Our website is not and shouldn't be considered as a tool for comparing and prices provider, of the services level or the ratings of the fields.

Our services are only for personal and not for commercial use. For this reason you can't re-sell, direct contact, use, copy, monitor (e.g. with software like spider, scrape), presentation, download or copy any of the content and information, software, products or services existing on our website for any commercial or competitive acts or any reason.


All prices mentioned on FutsalBooking.com are per scheduled futsal field time. User pays only a part (€5) and the rest to the futsal field owner/manager. Sometimes prices may be lower for available scheduled futsal field times, which are being set from the futsal fields owners/managers and they may be involving certainr reasons and terms. You should read carefully the available futsal field scheduled time before you make you book.

* Without further charges

Our services are free of charge. We don't add any further charges apart from the available scheduled times. The paid amount is part of the total price needed to be paid for the schedule futsal field time you are booking.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of bookings must be made at least 3 hours before the scheduled time, which is the time you need to be at the field, so you can give the Owner/Manager the ability to add the scheduled time as available for book. For example, if you book a field at time 12:00 to play the same day at 20:00-21:00 you can cancel until 17:00 the least. This action gives you the ability not to lose your €5, but to get 1000 FB Coins which can be used for a free book on our website only. When you cancel 3 times, your account may become unavailable until you get in contact with us. This is to prevent any actions used to harm the services of FutsalBooking.com and the Owners/Managers.
After the critical time passed (3 hours before the scheduled time) you can cancel the booking, by providing a reason for cancelling your booking, so we can decide the amount of FB Coins to return to you which will be minimum 100 FB Coins and maximum 900 FB Coins.
If you don't cancel or don't provide any reason and you don't appear in the field, your account will be suspended temporary or permanently. Any changes to this action can happen if the user/player get in contact with us.
1 booking/reservation = 1000 FB Coins = €5


By booking a field, you accept the Cancellation Policy and with any other providing terms(services terms) and futsal fields requirements, regarding your booking, and futsal field services. Booking Cancellation and for not appearing at the field policy is presented on our websie. You should check the futsal field information carefully before proceeding and book the field. Please note that all bookings require a payment of €5 which is being deducted from the total amount paid for the futsal field scheduled time you booked.
If you want to check, or cancel your booking, note that you may be charged with the amount you pre-paid according to the cancellation policy or the amount you paid for booking the field. We advise you read the Booking and Cancellation terms policy, and for not appearing in the field and remember to make the appropriate payments in time, according to the field booking.


If stated otherwise, the software provided, needed or used on our website and the copyrights (including produced copyrights) which are parts of the content and information provided from our website are property of FutsalBooking.com and its suppliers. Futsalbooking.com own the copyrights, titles and any other properties (design, format and development of the website through which the services are provided (including the translations) and you are not allowed to copy, send, create links from and to the website, publish, forward, advertise, add, combine or use the content (including translations or users comments) or our Logo without our written approval. In case you use part or full our copyrighted content (translated or not) from our website you automatically given, or transfered the copyrights and you give the copyrights at Futsalbooking.com. Any illegal use or any actions mentioned above are considered as abuse or our copyrights.

Other Terms and Conditions

If allowed by law, these terms and conditions and our providing services are protected by Government of Cyprus Law and any requirements haven't been met according to the above terms will be continued to the Government of Cyprus Courts.
This Greek text may be translated in other languages. The translations are only for internal use and no copyrights involved by reading this text. If any changes or miss-typed or any differences exist between any of the translated text Greek version of this text is the correct and valid version. Greek version is provided on our website (choose Greek) or can be sent to you if asked.
In case the order or appearance of these terms is not valid, or can't be used, you still have to meet the rest of the terms. In this case, the non-valid part is still being used and you agree to accept any result or similar result from the non-valid term and its goal.

Terms of use

These following terms of use are the terms which Futsalbooking.com (we, or our) provides access to the website and the information included.

  1. Terms
    In these terms of use:
    Information are the information provided on our website including the following:
    • Available fields scheduled times
    • Available fields scheduled times prices
    • Futsal Fields photos
    • Futsal Fields services
    Allowed goal is the comparing goal of available scheduled times and bookings.
  2. Terms
    By accessing our website you agree to the following:
    • You agree to the current terms of use and requirements.
    • You are at least 18 years old.
  3. Illegal actions
    You are not allowed:
    • Provide hard copy, publish, present, share, or edit any of these terms unless you have will serve the allowed goal.
    • Access or monitor the information provided or any part by using robots, spider or any other tool without our knowledge or acceptance.
    • Override any denial of service by using any tools to avoid permissions used on our website.
    • Download which may harm or cause any malfuntions on our website.
    • Change, translate, edit, re-production, break any of the software, tools or funtions used on our website.
  4. Compensation
    You will pay us any cost needed in case of legal actions, requirements, responsibilities, outcomes, malfunction and damage caused by using our website or the information provided or any part of the information provided for any goal other than the allowed goal.
  5. Verification of information and ownership risk
    • Verification of information
      You must verify any iformation before you accept or use any offer from third parties.
    • Ownership risk
      You assume all risks associated with:
      • Using our website and information provided.
      • Accepting and using any offers provided by third parties.
  6. No warranty
    We don't guarantee:
    • The accuracy, quality, completeness or reliability of the Site, and the information provided.
    • That the Site and the information will be error, virus and provided uninterrupted or unauthorized use or pirates.
  7. Exclusions of liability
    In no case will not be liable (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) for any incidental, special, consequential or indirect loss or damage including loss of profit which may arise under these Terms of Use.

Our website
Access to the site is subject to acceptance of this Privacy Policy by you . When you log in and use our page , or a page -fed us, this will mean acceptance of this Privacy Policy . Since new and amazing things happen all the time in the world of the internet , we will update our Privacy Policy in accordance with these developments . If you continue to use the Site after such changes will mean automatic acceptance of these revisions to the Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
FutsalBooking.com is committed to protecting your privacy while you are on the site. We do not want to collect sensitive personal information. What is sensitive personal information? Essentially, it is information or data concerning health, political beliefs, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, racial or ethnic identity or other similar personal information.

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