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Users on and Players for futsal fields

What is included in the price?

The €5 paid for booking is part of the final price paid for the field. If the user who made the booking play, he/she will pay €5 less. If the player/user don't play, then either a player will pay less or all players will pay evenly for the remaining amount.

How can i pay the booking?

Payment is being made through, worldwide proofed for secure and easy payments.

How do i know that my booking is confirmed?

Confirmation is done by 3 different ways.
After the booking process, in your "My Account" link all the details of the booking is presented, like date, time, SMS Code etc... so you can see all details and be sure you booked the correct field.
We also send you a confirmation email and sms containing the available details.

Can i change or cancel my booking through my account?

Through your "My Account" link and with the buttons presented, you can cancel your bookings.
Make sure you read our booking and payment terms before you cancel any bookings.

Until which time can i cancel a booking?

You can cancel a booking until the time starts.
If you cancel a booking, you will get FB Coins as a refund, which you can use to book a field.

Are there any consequences by canceling a booking?

If you cancel at least 3 hours before the field schedule time, you will get a full amount of FB Coins needed for booking a field.
If you cancel a booking in less than 3 hours until the field schedule time, you must provide a reason for canceling your booking and you will get less than 900 FB Coins immediatly. The rest of the amount of FB Coins will be decided by us to give you in advance after we review your cancellation reason.
You can read our detailed cancellation policy on our Terms and Conditions page.

How can i see the price of an available field time?

After you select date, time, city or even a specific field into our search engine, you will see the available time, which is the step before the booking is processed, you will see the total price of the available time for the field you selected.

How can i find the available fields for the scheduled times i want to play? shows only the available scheduled times and fields for the selected dates you provided through the search engine of our website.

Which are the fields location?

In the center of the Home page on you will see the Cyprus Map with many markers included.
Every marker is a field and you can see its details after you click on it.

Prices displayed at is per person or per field schedule time?

Prices displayed on our website is per schedule time and not per person.
The payment amount may be considered as price per person, but for each field that price may differ regarding the total price paid for the field scheduled time.

Example 1:
If the field charge is €50 per schedled time, then the booking amount paid can be considered as price per person.

Example 2:
If the field charge €60 or €70 per scheduled time, then the amount paid for the booking cannot be considered as price per person but just the amount paid for the booking only, because you must add another €1 or €3 to meet the price per person according to the final price.

Which are the correct "futsal check in" and "futsal check out" of the field?

When you book a field, the times refered are the times which every field if committed to provide you.
If you arrive at the field earlier, the owner/manager is not committed to provide let you warm-up times.
If you are late, the owner/manager is not commited to provide you the extra time so you can cover any loss of the time you booked.
"futsal check in" and "futsal check out" times may differ in many cases, is your responsibility to meet the futsal field terms.
Each field may differ also in policy so you must be consistent.

What is the SMS code i am receiving and how can i use it?

The SMS code is a 5 digit code which is used to confirm your booking, so you can be able to enter the field and play.
Please keep your SMS codes private.

I have made an account and I haven’t got the confirmation email. What can I do?

Please check carefully the file of Inbox and Junk messages of your email that you gave when you made the account. If for any reason you didn’t get the email in time of 10 minutes please contact with us. If you need help please contact us by filling the form in the contact us or by calling us between 9:00-21:00.
For the complete of your sign up click on the link that is included in the confirmation email you have received and then add your username and password to sign in.

I have made a booking and I haven’t received the confirmation sms. What can I do?

Please check carefully the files of Inbox at your mobile when you ensure that you put the right number and you have done it “verify”. If you have done it and you haven’t received the sms in time of 5 minutes then contact us by filling the form in the contact us or by calling us between 9:00-21:00.

I have received an email and sms that seems that has sent from the during my booking. Why did I receive those?

Because we are trying to improve our services for our clients, improving at the same time the communication between us and our clients, when you make your booking we are sending you a confirmation sms and email. When you receive them, your booking has been confirmed.

What private information is using?

For making booking and for checking your bookings you have to create a user account in which is saving all your private information. When you make the sign up you are asking for name, email, city, address that you are leaving and of course your telephone number to make and confirm your bookings.

Why collects, uses, and shares your private information?

  • Bookings: We are using your private information to complete and make as easy online booking for you and to reduce the malevolent bookings for the program to work right.
  • Customer’s service: We are offering customer’s service at 9:00-21:00 every day by calling and you can send a 24hours form from the contact us. When you share your information with our customer service we can contact with you better and faster when you need us and answer question about your booking.
  • Account managing: In our website you can create a user account. For the managing we are using the information that you gave, giving you the opportunity to manage your bookings, use offerings, make bookings and to manage your personal settings.
  • Promotion actions: When we believe that there is an offer which may interest you, we may contact you by email, sms or even by call.
  • Other contacts: Maybe sometimes we contact you by email, phone call or sms, it depends from the information that you have shared with us. This may happen for different reasons:
    • We may have to answer and manage requests that you have submit.
    • When you use our website we may send you a questionnaire or invite you to add your comments about
  • Market survey: Sometimes we are asking our clients to participate in a market survey. Some information that you are giving for our survey are using only by your confirmation.
  • Trucking and avoiding deception: We may use your information for trucking and avoiding deception and other illegal or junk actions.

How is using social media?

We are using social media to promote the fields that are signed in our website, prove and make easier our services. For example, we have included plugin social media in the website of So when you click on one of those and make your sign up from any social media the information are sharing to the social media and maybe are showing on your profile to share to your friends.

How is sharing your data with third parts?

Sometimes we may share your personal data with third parts.
  • The field that your booking: For completing your booking maybe we have to share some of your information with the field that you had booked. Some of them may be your name or your personal contact information.
  • Third party service providers: We may use your information with third party services to be processed for the previous reasons. For example we may give your information with third party service providers, in order to send your information regarding your bookings to the futsal field owner/manager, or advise third party services to contact you regarding your bookings. If necessary, we may use third party service providers in order to make the payment easier and guaranteed. We also use third party advertising agencies, in order to advertise our services and the futsal fields existing in our website through other platforms, or we involve third party services to get analytics data. These third party services will be signing a form with us containing rules which won't let them use your information for any other reason is not mentioned above.
  • Competent authorities: We may share your information with the government or investigation authorities if it requires from the law (or any other setting of the legal content). Some of this claims are includes court orders, summons and orders that are coming from legal procedures and criminal investigations. We may give your personal information if is necessary to avoid, to identify or the prosecution of criminal actions.

How can you check the information that you have gave to

You can revise your personal information that you are sharing with us any time. You can claim it by getting to your account and click on “My Account” and then “Account Details”.
You can also ask from us to delete your personal information and your account from our banner by filling the contact form with topic “Request for deleting personal information and account” in “Contact us”. Although we may need to keep some information for legal or administrative purposes, such as keeping record or identifying a deception.

Who is in charge for editing personal information in the website and the applications of is checking the editing of personal information in the website and its application.
If you have any suggestion or comment about this statement for the protection of the personal information please send us an email by filling the form in "Contact us".

I am younger than 18 years old. Can i register?

The services that is offering are not applying for children under 18 years old. For this kind of using we need the confirmation of the parent or legal guardian. When we receive information from a child under 18 years old we can delete them.

Owners/managers of the fields

Why should I become a member of is maybe the first website worldwide for searching futsal fields in Cyprus with the advantage that the head offices are in Cyprus. Our system, gives the ability to our users to check the availability of courts in the whole island. The website has some of the most developed tools for everyone that is searching information about the futsal fields in Cyprus.
Sign up online for free and get an in time access.

Who can participate in the program of

Anyone who has or manages a field or futsal fields is welcome to participate in our website.

How much it costs to sign up in is FREE. There isn’t any charge for sign up, using or any other charges. Once you sign up by your own or by our help, you get an in time access to the portal of owners of but you have to wait for our accept when you add the fields right that you own or you manage. The website have nothing to do with the license of the field or any other that it needs to be legal every field. The has no responsibility about any accident, injure, theft, damage, loss, death or anything else that may happen in the fields or during the transition to the fields. The gives the opportunity for the users to check the availability of the futsal fields and booking them for the time that they want to use it.

How is works and which are the responsibilities of the owners/managers of the fields?

The is responsible of finding and adding the futsal fields from all over Cyprus. The owners/managers of the fields are adding the available hours and days and the charges of the fields through the portal of their account. The from every booking gets the amount of 5 euro and informs automatic the owner and the user with email and sms.

How does the booking system of works?

All the availability data includes in the system and from the searching tools the users can find everything that is necessary (city, hour, day) for the booking that the want to do. The booking completes when the user pays the amount of 5 euro via paypal and receives the sms and email with the information and the booking code which have to show during the transition to the field to confirm the booking from the owner/manager of the field. *sms includes:
  • The booking code (a five code number, same for owner and user)
  • Booking information (day, time, field)

After the booking owner/manager and users receive the same sms with the same information.

How many amounts would I win?

The amounts that an owner/manager can win are not basics, they are changing because they are depends on the availability of days and hours that have added from the owner/manager of the fields. More availability, more benefits.

How am I getting my benefits?

With the start and the end of the game is getting into the pay desk the payment which paid for the booking, except from the 5 euro that have be paid online.

I have more than one fields, I have to create more than one accounts in

No, every user account of an owner/manager can fill all the fields even if they are in different location even if they are all together. You can check every field separately, using the tools that are available in the portal of your account.

Which information is available in

Is available only the necessary information of the fields that are useful for the booking. The private information of the owner and the telephone number of the field are not available as they are not useful for the booking.

What happens if I need any help?

You can contact the group of technical support if you need help. This can happen by filling the form in contact us or by call.

How can I start?

To participate in, you just have to fill the sign up form. You will get automatically to the owner/manager portal, when you activate your account via your email, from where you can add your fields and their information. You will wait for us to accept them when we contact with you.

Is it worth for an owner/manager to participate in the website and promote it?

The fields of the website gives to the user the best searching for the available hours giving him the opportunity to locate, choose and book the field online. By this way is avoiding the disturbing of the owners in appropriate time and it can happen 24hours online. Although avoiding the waiting of the user/client in chance of busy call. The user can locate fields which didn’t know the existence or the contact number.

How does keep track of the booking that the users are making online?

We are tracking them with a way to check that all is working right and avoiding any human mistakes.
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