About Us

Our Team
A dedicated team. Every member of the team has it's own responsibilities. Partners where everyone manage and works hard to reach his/her targets as a final target to satisfy every user/owner using Futsalbooking.com.

Our Mission
To help anyone who would like to play at any futsal field, either for fun, or strong and professional games, regardless his economic wealth. Our target is that the users to be able to book their fields and enjoy their games as much as possible, following the simple steps on our website.

Our Vision
Futsalbooking.com is a user friendly website in which a simple,easy and safe futsal field booking is guaranteed. Our target is to provide to our users/players, the simplest way to find and book a field, anywhere in Cyprus. The fields support teams with their managers are able to provide transparency, availability and the best conditions for our users/players. Futsalbooking.com offers support to it's users daily 9:00-21:00.

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